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Starting a New Computer Science Course

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I have been working on some new computer science offerings for my school district. I attended a workshop and have been researching different ways for elementary and junior high students to learn coding concepts and how mathematics play an important role in programming. I am presenting my ideas and research at the 2016 SPARCC Conference in Massillon, Ohio August 5th. I did a small field test with some 6th graders at the end of last school year and they loved it! Let’s hope we can get our students interested in coding.

New EdTech Web Site!

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I have been working on a new Educational Technology Web Site for Educators. It is a combination of great resources and recommendations from myself and other edtech experts. There is so much out there so I am proving the time to pull it all together in one spot!

Check it out at


Setting up a 1:1 and BYOT Program

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As schools continue to think about 1:1 programs, remember that curriculum should drive the technology decisions, not the other way around. Here is a good article discussing some of these concerns:


New Job!

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I have moved from Indiana back to Ohio and am working in K-12 education again. I took the position of Director of Information & Education Technology at Morgan Local Schools in southeast Ohio. This district is a rural district which I worked with about 20 years ago. They have a lot of great education projects and grants going for themselves and I hope to continue my digital textbook research and other interests going. They have been keeping me very busy learning lots of new web portals. In only 6 years being out of Ohio, a lot has changed! If you want to partner or work with a K-12 school in education technology projects please email me at

Learning to use a Chromebook

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I am learning to use a Google Chromebook I acquired from a conference recently. I even have my 6 year old son using it and he loves using it. He jumped right on and was using the web and apps I downloaded for him. The speed of boot up and browsing was great. The only disadvantage right now is figuring out the local storage options and many apps are simply links to the web site version such as Dropbox. The battery life is great and I plan to get a large SD card to use for local storage so I don’t have USB drives hanging off of the Chromebook. Stay tuned for more!

Completed Online Instructors Course

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I recently finished the ISU Online Instructors Course which helped me develop and set up a new certificate course called “Instructional Tools” which will help teachers and students learn about different Web 2.0 tools and how to use them in teaching. If you are interested in taking this course and earning the certificate please email me at

On the news again!

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I was interviewed by WTWO about Facebook privacy and Internet Safety suggestions. We all need to work together to protect each other from online predators, especially our children!