Grant Writing

I have been writing grants for many years and have advised many more grants for their technology budgets and equipment. I hope to keep finding and getting grants for my schools and research but grants are getting much harder these days!


1998 – Appalachian Regional Commission – $12,000 for training workshops on Windows NT & Novell servers

1999-2007 – FCC Universal Service Fund E-Rate Program – Awards to date total over $250,000 to provide discounts on local and long distance phone service, Internet Access, Internet Data Lines and cellular service

1999-2006 – SchoolNet Plus Program – Awarded over $70,000 for classroom computer upgrades

2000-2007 – ONENet Program – Awards over $80,000 for Internet Data Lines

2000 – SchoolNet Raising the Bar (TLCF) – $150,000 for multimedia integration into teaching and designing environmental awareness curriculum

2000 – SchoolNet IVDL – Distance Learning Grant – $65,000 for creating a video distance learning lab, teaching and offering course for other schools and virtual field trips and video communications

2001 – SchoolNet ASSIST – Student Technician Program – $8,550 to showcase best practices in developing a student technician program. Models for districts to create their own local program were developed.

2003    School OETSMG – Technology Management Grant – $15,000 for creating a technology management solution to include asset management, helpdesk and total cost of ownership

2003     Aerospace Education Foundation – Civil Air Patrol Grant – $250 for field trips targeted at CAP cadets expanding their aerospace education knowledge

2003     Aerospace Education Foundation – Civil Air Patrol Educator Grant – $250 for Aerospace Week held at Garaway Local Schools. Grant targeted for teachers who are also CAP members to further aerospace education in schools

2004    ACCESS Grant – Ohio Dept. of Education Special Education Grant – $30,000 for developing universal design curriculum units for special education students and other students to utilize instructional technology to improve their grades and test scores.

2006    Library Automation Grant $15,000 – Ohio Library Grant to automate Strasburg Local School’s library card catalog.

2007    Rosenberry Foundation Grant – $19,900 – Miller Ave Elementary Wireless Laptop Lab project

2010    State Farm – $15,000 – Create community resource web site for Indiana Dropout Prevention Program

2011 ISU Graduate Student Association Research Grant – $250 – Student  Reactions to Using Digital Textbooks

2011     State Farm – $25,000 – Create community resource web site for Indiana Dropout Prevention Program

2012     Indiana State University$5000 – Pilot project for distance education program for student teaching in diverse experiences.

2012     Indiana Commission for Higher Education $451,762 – Enhancing Disciplinary Literacy Using Technology and Assessment

2014     Ohio Department of Education – $14,999,128 – Ohio Appalachian Collaborative Personalized Learning Network. Multi-district grant to train high school teachers to instruct college-level courses and provides students with an expanded course catalog and an opportunity to earn both high school and college credit through dual enrollment.